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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing In 3 Simple Steps

19/05/2019 19:21:03

Dilim Odumah

Affiliate marketing has remain increasingly, a lucrative way to make money online. It`s passive income generating model has made it so attractive to many, especially if one is yet to create any product or service.


Though, not - a "get rich quich scheme," but the lure of passive income and making money online from wherever you are: home, sleeping, watching movies or doing whatever you like is dignifying.


No one can resist that quest...!




Albeit, it require some humble efforts and dedication to achieve some level of success. But it`s achievable! Hence the need for the adoption of the above approach for smart or short term earnings.


However, for a long term affiliate marketing business, a more elaborate steps may be required to achieve a durable and sustainable growth over a long period of time.


But for the time being, let`s harp on these 3 Simple Steps that can enable anyone with focused desire and commitment earn smart money with affiliate marketing.


To make money with affiliate marketing, you therefore, consciously need to follow these 3 Simple Steps as your stepping stones.


So let`s dive right in...



1. You Need To Register For Affiliate Marketing Programs


This is indeed, a very paramount step for you, to have access to marketing of product or service for the vendor. Registration will require you to provide accurate information as may be required. 


This, of course, will aid the approval process, for where there`s an aspersion about the credibility of the prospective affiliate; getting approved may be doubtful. So information sought from you must be duly and appropriately submitted.


For the fact that "a labourer has a wage," whatever information that is requested of you; skip not the way you`re to get paid. Most of the affiliate programs have several payment methods: Discover, Authorize.net, Payoneer etc.




However, a vast majority of affiliate networks, prefer paying through Paypal. It is essential that whichever platform they decide to pay, you need to have account with them for payment to be effected. Some may also pay via checks. They`re all good means of payments.


Typically, there are many affiliate programs all over the internet. But if you`re just starting out, here are few ones suggested below, as they are so many to be listed hereunder:


Builderall - This is a full-fledge digital hub. Builderall does not only pay commission on recurring basis, but also provide you with unquantifiable tools to carry on with your digital marketing business.


Since registering with the platform, it is pertinent to state that not even 20 percent of the tools made available to me; have been utilized. It`s a LOT - worth checking out Here!



Amazon - Amazon also have an affiliate network. They are, of course, two sections that could be explored: Prime and Associate programs. The latter appears more attractive due to the trust built overtime and the earning potentials. Secondly, you`ll not only earn commission for your referral, but for everything in a customer’s shopping cart.

JVZoo - JVZoo is an affiliate platform with digital products and services. The All-In-One Digital Commerce Platform has an encouraging rates of commission payment structure. To become a JVZoo Affiliate is FREE and has no cost attached and you get instant access to all affiliate tools and training. Just click below to get started!

ClickBank – Just like JVZoo, ClickBank has most of their products in digital form. They are usually software tool or online courses of some sort. There`re, of course, physical products in the market place as well.


Others - These include Commission Junction, which has a variety of both physical and digital products in their marketplace. LinkShare is another affiliate program to try, as they have great products and services which you can promote also.


Individual Affiliate Programs


Aside the above mentioned programs, you can also access different companies` products for your promotion. These are, however, companies who simply use their own affiliate program and invite affiliates to promote them and earn commission. 


The best way to get these private affiliate programs is to go to Google and type:
. Individual/private affiliate programs.
. Check and click on the one that resonates with you and go to their home page.
. Scroll down to the bottom of their page.
. Then look for “Affiliate Program” or “Partner Program” and click it.
. A form is open for your completion which could subsequently be approved. 

However, If the company’s page does not display affiliate or partner link, you can still Google the company`s name with the phrase “affiliate program” or “partner program.”

 2.  Create Your Affiliate Marketing Portfolio


This is all - about being organized! 


Many affiliate marketers may not see this as important, but it is essentially, very benefiticial. Have you taken out some time to search for important information for hours? This is what, ordinarily, you would have accessed within minutes.


It`s indeed horrifying to get entangled, where you least expect it.


This is where your affiliate marketing portfolio comes in. You need it! That`s the reason why it is being recommended here for your upkeep.


Yes...There`re very important affiliate marketing information that you can`t do without, if you must promote the offer approved for you by the vendor. Have you thought about your login details?




Don`t forget them! And if you must reach them as quickly as you need them; then, they must be locked down where you can easily accees them - in your Affiliate portfolio or simple spreadsheet.


So you need to create one affiliate portfolio or more, without confusion - for the purpose of organizing your affiliate offer details. The information about the product should be departmentalized, if you want to reach them with ease. 


The essential details should include: Name of the product, Affiliate Link, rate or amount of  commission, Terms, Special remarks etc.

Name of the product– This is useful especially when you need to get your affiliate link quickly. You can check the departmentalized column fast, thus saving you a whole lot of time. 


Affiliate Link – This should, of course, be the “pretty link" you created or shortened, and not the raw affiliate link you received from the vendor. But if you so prefer that, it`s still alright.


With Bit.ly you can create the link, such that when the vendor switches the affiliate software; you`re able to easily change the target URL without changing your link.


Rate or amount of commission - With this you`re easily able to know your potential earning or the applicable rate, as it relates to the product you are promoting.


Terms – Some affiliate networks make immediate, deferred or lifetime recurring payment or certain percentage. This is the column where you can easily obtain the information.


Special remarks – You can place any other vital information not recorded above, in this section for ease of quick reference. 


You can now begin to very much, appreciate the importance of this particular step in the process of affiliate marketing program.

3. Promote Your Approved Affiliate Product


Having registered with affiliate program and obtained your affiliate links, it is now, the most appropriate time to start promoting the offered product(s). Some of the strategies that are necessary in getting the offered product across to the potential buyers include: 




Product Review Promotion


This is, however, an easy way to get started - reviewing the product through blog post. In this circumstance, you need to create a post about your personal experience of the product on offer.


Primarily, your intention here is, of course, not to sell. So you need to be very critical and honest with your evaluation as to how: good, bad, or otherwise of the product. 


In doing that, you`ve to share your affiliate link throughout the post. This may attract some potential buyer and would invariably make you some money.

Facebook Live Promotion


This strategy involves the use of mobile phone as well as having a Facebook account, for it to be successfully implemented. With the two requirement, you have to go live on Facebook and share your personal review of the product.


Thereafter, you share your affiliate link in the comments section.


YouTube Video Promotion


Using YouTube to carry out promotion can be of immense value, considering the attraction it receives by people wishing to watch recorded videos about the product.


You should then, include your affiliate link in the description area of the videos. This way, everyone that has the opportunity of watching the video would see it and may take action to your benefit.


This is indeed, a good strategy that can boost your online business promotion.


Email Marketing Promotion


This involves deploying the email list you already have, for affiliate marketing. The email will, of course, have a description or a little review of the product you`re offering to your list.


If this is done properly, it stands to elicit the attraction of your subscribers to that list, to make purchases which will invariably generate affiliate commissions for you.


Using Website Recommended Tools Page 


The use of your "website recommended tools page" is another effective strategy to utilize for promotion of your affiliate link to your site visitors. 


To do this, you need to set up a page on your blog as a “Recommended Tools.” In the description of those tools that are effective in running your site`s activities, share the affiliate links of your products.


This is typically good, if you have affiliate affiliations with your web hosting, email marketing, social media scheduling companies, etc. Then in the post, describe their activiities and put your affiliate links in them. 


Since this is in the navigation menu of your home page, your visitors may want to see those tools, and you get their patronage as well.


There`s no doubt that there are so many other ways that you can promote your affiliate products, but these ones, obviously stand out from the multitude. They should be utilized - try them!


Though, like earlier reiterated, affiliate marketing isn`t "a get-rich-quick program," but the obvious is that - you can earn some solid income; if commited, in the long run. 


What`s more important, therefore, is that you systematically follow these three steps stated above, and you will certainly earn the affiliate commissions that will change your lifestyle.