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How To Start Affiliate Marketing In 6 Simple Steps And Make A Huge Success

29/09/2018 15:13:07

Dilim Odumah

 Starting an affiliate marketing is a worthwhile venture, especially when you are yet, able to create any products or services of your own. The temptation of earning passive income is huge.

Are you then, keen at learning how to start affiliate marketing, but don`t know where precisely to commence it? 

Of course, it`s obvious you`re interested, as no one would resist the lure to passive income through affiliate marketing. But to make it work, you`ve to put in some work first.

Though it can be overwhelming, when first starting out, but seriously, learning the basic steps about affiliate marketing and how to start will make it fairly easy for you to undertake.

Affiliate Marketing
Albeit affiliate marketing as seen generally, is aimed at mainly generating commission from the sale of partners` products or services. Of course - Yes! But it`s far more than just that, as it offers more incentives.

Obviously, affiliate marketing also gives you the opportunity to create your own website, produce some quality contents and gets you paid doing so, because you’ll be running ads and providing other links to products your audience will want to purchase.  

There are, of course, many accruing benefits of building an affiliate marketing business. Some of these include the fact that - it`s low-risk, very cost effective, easy to track, and most significantly;  you don't have to create any product of your own (if you don`t want). 

You rather have to be fully prepared to create high quality content that recommends products or services, that drives your audience to make purchases for you to earn commission. Hence, it is a win-win situation.

Thus it`s a huge bonus, if you can effectively combine your interests with your affiliate marketing objectives; then you are half way towards your success as an affiliate marketer. 

In all that, you must be determined to make this work and also willing to put in the time and effort, as no affiliate marketer can achieve remarkable result without these key variables. 

Consequently, to start your affiliate marketing successfully, you need to follow these six simple steps steadfastly and be rest assured that you are on the right course; to earning a good living through passive income in no time.

Therefore, here is how to start affiliate marketing with these 6 simple steps:

1.  Choose Your Niche

The first thing, however, to decide on - before ever building your website is to select a niche  which you are going to target.

This is very essential, because if you do not know precisely your target audience, then you cannot build a website around it. It`s implication is that you`re going to target everybody and it won`t work effectively.

Though this is without doubt, one of the most complex and daunting steps to carry out, but once chosen; every other thing would be ready to key in.  
Affiliate Marketing
However, if you are yet to identify a specific niche, you may use the following questions to actually determine one or more for yourself:

a) What topics am I passionate about and can efficiently produce contents on?

Passion is the driving force here - as it actually makes you have high interest in your chosen niche.

b) Can I make money in this niche?

Yes - there`s need, that while you`re following your passion, the possibility of making money should be a top priority. 
This, of course, will indeed stand in as a motivating factor as well. Hence the question - Is it a profitable niche?

c) Prospectively, what topics can I see myself writing with ease, a good number of blog posts?

You must ensure that the topic chosen, is such that you can create enough content. 

The essence of this is to build an authoritative site, for search engine optimization, and essentially for the end user. 
Having enough content about a topic is necessary as an authority on the topic, which in turn would enable you be able to convince someone to buy from you. 

d)     Is there opportunity in this niche for another affiliate marketer to operate?

There are a host of profitable niches out there for affiliate markets: make money online, Fitness and weight loss, travels etc. 

So before making a choice, you must ensure that there's enough space for you to operate and make money; otherwise you need to search further.

e)     Is there sufficient demand for products in this niche?

You should ensure that the niche you choose does not only attract your audience for the purpose of reading and acquiring knowledge, but that they`re also willing buyers of your products.

This is because, if there are no willing buyers of your products, your niche will certainly not make you much money. 

f)      Are there affiliate programs in this niche?

There is no matter how popular a niche is, if there are no affiliate network, it`s not worth it. 
This is a critical factor to consider, because if there are no affiliate programs, it implies that there are no products as well to sell.

The bottom line here - is that there is no commission to earn as a result of sale of products; ultimately no money to make. The best option is to look for another niche, if that`s the situation. 

2.  Research And Join Affiliate Programs

Since you have chosen your niche, it`s time therefore, to find out what is out there as it relates to programs and products to promote. 

Of course, there`s no doubt that you would have done some comprehensive research while looking out for your niche; but you need to do a little more (if not so).

Though, there`re many affiliate programs that you can choose from, but you don`t need to be in a hurry making a choice. You need to spend some time, because this is obviously where your income will flow from. So choosing the right program is well worth the time used for it!

Affiliate MarketingHowever, most affiliate marketers start their search with Amazon and ClickBank due to many of the interesting affiliate programs they have for digital products. There`re also many other platforms like JVZoo, Warriorplus and a host of others. 

What`s then very important - is that when you`re making your choice of the program, you ensure that other sellers are using the network so that you can measure the level of your success.

The other necessary variable includes: how much commission you are likely to make from the products, the kind of support that the program will provide you with etc. So it is essential that you take the time to scrutinize the one that will provide you with the highest return on investment (ROI). 

3.  Build A Website

After the research to choose a niche and join affiliate program, it`s now the appropriate time to build a website, if you do not already have one in existence.

Interestingly, building a website is no longer complicated as it used to be previously.

So even if you're new to setting up a website, the easiest way to build it, is by using WordPress. The WordPress content management system (CMS) is very easy to use, as you do not require any tech knowledge to set up your website. 

Another very useful and comprehensive tool is - Builderall. You certainly need this, as they take you through the processes with awesome video tutorials, training, graphics and a host of other valuable tools to use.

Affiliate Marketing However, you need to follow some of these few steps to have your website up in no time: 

> You need to buy a domain. 

This is the web address which your website will be identified with, for example www.bizzkonnect.com. It is advisable to be careful when choosing your domain name as there`re millions of websites on the internet. 

However, no two websites would be allowed to used the same domain name. The service company would advise you to choose another one, should you apply for an already existing one.

There are many places to register your domain with, some of the notable ones include: Namecheap, GoDadday, BlueHost etc.

> Pay for and set up hosting.

Since you have purchased a domain for your site, you`ll also need a hosting service provider for the safety of your site files. Hosting is very important for your website, hence you should be careful enough to select not only affordable one, but also reputable and very reliable provider. 

Some of the recommended, affordable and reliable hosting providers are GoDaddy, HostGator and BlueHost. You should therefore, feel free to check them out.

> Install WordPress and your theme.

As soon as you set up your hosting, you will also need a good content management system (CMS) for your website. WordPress and Builderall are very good - because they`re easy to use. 

For most of these reliable hosting providers, it`s just one-click install option in the case of Wordpress and there you have it in minutes installed. A typical example of this service provider is BlueHost. 

With Builderall, you`re taking through the very simple process of setting your website which is relatively easy and in no long time. The website above, on this content is built on this platform.

4.  Produce High-Quality Content

Before this stage, it`s obvious that your website has been set up and you`ve also joined an affiliate program. It is now the moment to face the time-consuming aspect of the affiliate marketing business - which is producing content.

Though, it takes some time to produce good content, but the moment spent at this point is worth it. Hence the ever used phrase “content is king” which is due to its significance, when it comes to affiliate marketing. 

As an affiliate marketer, your goal will be to establish an authority website in your niche, and the main way to do this, is to consistently produce unique and high-quality content that attract visitors continually.

Affiliate Marketing
Of course, there`re many different ways that you can achieve this, when it comes to producing unique content; but a few of that will be highlighted here. 

You could write blog posts that address common problems or issues relevant to your target audience. This is a very useful and effective way of consistently building content on a website. 

You can also model your affiliate website on writing reviews about different products or services; thus helping your readers, make the best decision about the product they want to buy. If this is properly done, however, it can prove very useful in generating affiliate income.

5.  Build Your Audience

Building audience for your website will, on occasions, follow naturally as soon as you commence producing high quality content. As a result, interested audience will bring you consistent traffic as well as sales. 

Though your site will be your main tool for promoting affiliate products or services.  Growing your audience organically is slow and usually takes time. But you certainly need the audience so that you can make your offers to them.

It is here that the social media have some significant role to play. In order to leverage your success and build a long term relationship with your audience, you need to effectively utilise the power of social media. That could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr etc.

Affiliate Marketing
These are just a little tip of the iceberg - though popular as well, so it`s just up to you to use one or more of these platforms, to exponentially grow your list. The choice is all yours - use it!

This is so because, building an engaged audience of followers is one of the best options to building enduring relationships with your target market. Moreso, when people trust and like you over time, there`s no doubt that they`ll be more likely to purchase from you, because of the long standing relationship.

At this point of having consistent traffic visiting your site, you then; need to create an email list. The importance of an email list, certainly cannot be overemphasised - as it does not only allow you to promote your content to your audience; but products as well. 

6.  Promotion Of Affiliate Offers

Ultimately, we`ve arrived the real destination of all the discussion; thus far - promotion of affiliate offers. It`s indeed great!

Do you know why it`s indeed great? Many of the assumed high-flying affiliate marketers, often   ignore the above steps completely for whatever reason that best suit them. But do you know what? That`s where you will have an edge - if you follow to this point!

The fact remains, that once you have actually shown that you can offer something of value in your niche, then, of course, it is time to continue adding more by promoting products that will be of great assistance and useful to your audience.

However, you can promote your affiliate offers in a number of ways; depending on the type of website you`ve created and also what you're offering.

Some of the very many ways, you can do this include: product reviews which entail writing honest reviews about products with images, useful features and some other details that will assist the prospective buyer in making decision.

You can use in-text content links by putting links in your blog posts, such that when clicked; the product or service on offer is shown. When a purchase is made through this way, you will earn a commission. It`s a very simple way to promote offers.

Affiliate Marketing
You can as well, put up banner ads on your website, to promote your affiliate products. Though most affiliate networks provide their own creatives when you sign up for their offers to assist you in the promotion. All you then need to do - is drive traffic to the offer and make sales.

Similarly, email list is another veritable tool for an affiliate marketer. So if you`ve built an email list, you could promote your affiliate offers through email promotions. Of course, it should be recalled, that you need to have built a strong relationship with your audience; before making offers to them. 

On a general note, however, since you are promoting other people or company`s products, it`s very important that you first familiarise yourself with all the terms and conditions attached to your affiliate program. 

This is indeed essential, as some affiliate networks can be that strict about how they allow you to promote their products. In order not to contravene the laid down policies of the vendor, you should check out how they want you to promote their products.

This, to a great extent, will foster a long-lasting relationship between you, the affiliate and the vendor of the products; especially when there are no contraventions of some sort. 

To become a successful affiliate marketer; is indeed achievable. Though it requires some hard work and time - channelled towards the production of unique and consistent content and ensuring that your audience are there always. 

Therefore, if you conscientiously follow the above steps, there`s no doubt that you will be fulfilled in your affiliate marketing career. Success to you - as you take up the challenge!