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How to Start Online Business And be Successful

09/07/2018 11:01:00

Dilim Odumah


It is fascinating to observe that in today`s digital space, a lot more businesses, now operate online. The reason for this, however, is not far fetched. It`s become very obvious that you can make huge success of your business, even if you decide to operate solely online.

The abundant benefits accruing to online business, surely may have been what has made this type of business more popular. Starting your business online would certainly relieve you of the  worry about renting or buying premises from where you run your operation. 

You don’t also need to border about travelling to and from the office or being stuck in traffic any more, since you can set up the business wherever you want. 

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The other reasons for its popularity are, of course: the huge demand for online products and services from consumers; as well as the range of advanced technology that now assist to make online operations simple, fast, and convenient to the end-users.

But it`s amazing however, to see contents discouraging people from undertaking online business; to the effect that - it isn`t easy. This is not true. The question then is, "if it`s not easy, how come they`re doing it?"  Nothing is impossible, save you don`t want to do it!

Therefore, ours is to produce the content that will guide those who have the intention of trying their hands on online business, so as to actualise their goal. This way, they would always want to visit your website again and again.

Here are the steps on how to start Online Business And be Successful:

1. Find a Problem People suffer And Provide Solution to it.

It is of great concern that most individuals starting their online business, first go all out, looking for product; rather than identifying a market.

To them, the idea looks good, but would definitely not lead to success. 

Therefore, to increase your chances of success, you obviously have to start out with the search for a market. To do this, you need to find a group of people who`re looking for a solution to a problem, but haven`t found many results or solution.

The internet is very helpful in making this type of market research easy:

.  Go to online forums to see the type of questions pepole asked as well as the problems they are      trying to find solution to.

.  Do keyword research to identify keywords that many people are searching for, but which not    many websites are really competing. (use keywordtool.io, adwords.google.com/keyword planner)

.  Visit your competitors (those you are in the same niche) sites and take note of what they are doing to satisfy the demand.

.  Use what you`ve learnt to create a product for the preceived market. You should improve on the product or possibly do it better than the existing ones.

2. Create Product/Service of Your Own or Become an Affiliate 

Now that you have identified the market you want to establish your online business, it is the time to create your own product and service or choose an affiliate product to promote for a company(ies).

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For those with the intention of becoming Affiliates, it is my hope to do a comprehensive write-up on that, so do well to subscribe on this site and you just have it right in tour inbox when published.

If it`s your intention to become an affiliate, at the interim, you should consider the following:

Company reputation : In choosing a company to promote their product, you should ensure that the parent company has good reputation and reviews over time. This is necessay as it will make excel in your business.

Your Niche: You should endeavour to provide the appropriate solution to the problems that people are searching or serve them with the product that can better them more than when they approached you.  

3. Write a Good Sales Copy

Virtually every visitor that has the intent to buy would alwaus ask - what do I benefit from this product or service; hence the saying "What's in it for me?"

As a result, a good sales copy should be able to take the buyers through the selling process, right from the time they step on the sales page to the time they make a purchase.

It should, therefore, be such that:

. Stimulate interest with a compelling headline.

. Clearly describe the problem your product solves.

. Talk about the product and how it benefits the user.

. Establish your credibility as someone who can solve this problem.

. Show testimonials from people who have used your product.

. Make an offer.

. Make a strong guarantee.

. Create urgency.

. Ask for the sale.

All through your copy, you need to show how your product or service is uniquely able to solve people's problems or make their lives better. 

4. Register With a Web Hosting Company

Since online business is such that could be done at the comfort of your home or anywhere, you so desire, it then need to be hosted online.

To do this, you require the services of hosting company to get your business registered and hosted, so as to be able to communicate and conduct your transactions online.

Amongst the numerous companies out there (not the only ones), that can host your business at a relatively cheap prices are:

. Godaddy - https://uk.godaddy.com/

. Namecheap - https://www.namecheap.com/

. Bluehost etc -https://www.bluehost.com/

What you  should check out for before registration with whichever company you so wish, is that they would offer you the following in their service: 

. Unlimited bandwidth to forestall frequent requests.

. Email accounts to accommodate the number you want to send to your clients.

. Support (this is very important as you may need assistance from time to time).

5. Build And Design Your Website/Blog

Since you have chosen your market, product, prepared your sales copy and hosted your business online; a lot have been achieved and now you should be ready to build and design your website on-the-go.  

There are many platforms that are willing to assist you host your website/blog.  Though some of these hosting companies are free, while the others are paid. 

So whichever company, you chose thereof is completely up to you - is a matter of choice. They include, but not limited to these:

. Joomla - https://www.joomla.org/  

.  Drupal - https://www.drupal.org/home

. Wordpress (CMS) - https://wordpress.org/

. Builderall  (All-In-One-Tools) etc- Start Your 7-Days Trial Here  

For us, we utilise both Wordpress and Builderall. The former is a free platform, while the latter is paid. 

We would`ve moved completely to Builderall for the exceptional tools at the disposal of the users, save for the content published.

However, as earlier reiterated, usage of the available platforms depend on choice. All that is more important, is how you design the website to make it customer-friendly, using these tips:

. Make your website easy to navigate, simple and clear to follow.

. Add an opt-in form which enables you to collect e-mail addresses when people subscribe.

. Select one or two plain fonts for your content on a white background.

. Use graphics, audio or video, if only they enhance your communication.

. To ease purchases, design the site, such that there`re not more than two clicks between intending customer and checkout.

6. Promote Your Website

Once a website has been completely hosted and designed, it then need to be promoted. Today, people use the internet to source information. 

Put your website into effective use, by providing useful content that help people to solve their problems for free, on your site as well as other sites. 

This way, you`ll not only drive traffic to your site, but have better search engine rankings. 

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To enhance your website status, provide free gift, expert content, videos or any other content that people will find helpful. Include means of distribution to social media sites such as Facebook fan page, LinkedIn Twitter and Instagram etc. and enjoy free traffic.

On the other hand, paid channels could be exploited for website promotion. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has been seen as a very effective way to driving traffic to a brand-new site. It`s main advantages over waiting for the traffic to come organically include:

. Showing the ads up on the search engine immediately.

. Allowing you to test different keywords, headlines, prices and selling approaches.

. It helps you to discover your best, highest-converting keywords. 

These keywords, you can distribute on your site, which will in turn; help your rankings in the organic search results.

7. Use Email Marketing Platform to Turn Visitors Into Buyers.

When you include an opt-in form in your website to collect emails through subscription, you are certainly creating one of the most valuable assets of your online business. 

By this, your customers and subscribers have given you their permission to send them email as it relates to your content as earlier requested. 

This will enable you develope a lifetime relationships with them, which is equally measurable.

Since anyone who visits your site and opts in to your list is a very hot lead, it makes email marketing cheaper and more effective than other media like print, TV, Radio etc because it's highly targeted.

While the internet as well as the business world, we`re living in now are dynamic and have remain thus - so fast.  However, the principles of how to start and grow a successful online business have not changed; and if  at all - very negligible. 

In any case, if you are just starting a small business online, take a cursory look at this sequence and follow it up for your success. 

But if you have had your business online for sometime now, check this out and find the areas you may have neglected, or never implemented. For it`s very essential for you not to go wrong with the basics.